Wire Art Ceiling Installation @ St. Regis Room, Hudson Bay, Queen Street downtown Toronto.


Attended the grand opening party of “The Room” at Hudson Bay yesterday night. The whole new look of the store is great! Not overdone, and yet, totally glamorous! It is exciting to see the new change of this old brand department store in Canada.


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An Interior designer. An Installation artist. to.teresa@gmail.com

10 responses to “Wire Art Ceiling Installation @ St. Regis Room, Hudson Bay, Queen Street downtown Toronto.”

  1. random says :


  2. cjhsu says :

    your art is so beautiful… very whimsical… almost like a dream.

  3. betty says :

    amazing! very nice and pretty work!!
    well done and congratulations, teresa!

  4. Fanny says :

    It’s so beauty! Well done and I ‘m proud of you!

  5. Have a nice day. says :

    wow.. Good concept! The wire arts are so detailed.

  6. Lancy says :

    It’s unbelievable to see such GREAT WORK.
    I wish I could be there to feel it lively myself.
    Congraulations to you,
    I am one of your fans now!!!!

  7. Kay says :

    Gosh. It looks like a Xanadu to me. The butteflies form a picture of searching for dreams.
    Are the wires and flowers really made by hands?

  8. Ali says :

    gorgeous. stellar. beautiful!

  9. Emily says :

    Incredible!! I love this unusual installation! I want to see it live!

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