More photos of my art installation – 2

Wire art ceiling installation @ St Regis room, The Bay at Queen St, Toronto.

In this photo:

Flowers are made with 18 ga. black annealed mechanical wire, some are attached with stainless steel metal mesh, sprayed in black. Line works are made with 9 ga. black fence wire . Indirect light casted shadow onto the ceiling.


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2 responses to “More photos of my art installation – 2”

  1. Anonymous says :

    Hello Teresa. I am studying Art for my AS Levels (penultimate year of high school in the UK) and my topic is flowers. I am experimenting a little with wire, and I would like to write a little bit about you and your work, and include 1 or 2 pictures of your work if that is ok. If you have time, would you be able to tell me if you used any inspiration when making any of your flower art, when you started experimenting with wire or other medias you use, and why you enjoy creating these pieces.
    Many thanks, Rachel.

    • teresaleung says :

      Hey Rachel,

      I just came back from a trip. Sorry for the late reply. Hope it is not too late. Of course I would not mind you to write about me.

      Here is the design process for the art piece:
      1. Came up with a concept for the art piece. (Circle of life. Butterflies spread the seeds > flowers > seeds )
      2. Did some researches (Google/books) on the flowers that I am interested.
      3. Narrowed it down to spider chrysanthemum.
      4. Purchased the actual flower to understand its structure.
      5. Started being creative on paper
      5. Picked a piece of music for the artwork. This art piece took a few months for me and my team to finish, to keep the mood and feeling consistence, we play the piece every time we work on the project.(This is the one that I picked for this artwork:
      6. Sketches. Sketches and more sketches
      7. Finalized the sketches and draw the plan and elevations with Adobe illustrator and Auto Cad for more accurate dimension.
      8. Started experimenting material for the result that is preferred. Playing around the wire with different finishes, thickness and hardness.
      9. Introduced new material to the piece (wire mesh with different densities and laser metal with different thickness)
      10. Finalized the form/shape of the butterflies, seed and flowers after 5+ different options, made sure all objects worked well in a 3D space (which is the hardest part)
      11. The final art would be placed in a 52’x13′ space, we did our first mock up in a 10’x10 space (We build the frame for it)
      12. Modified the art piece to make sure it works in our final space.
      13. Experimented the installing method.
      14. Worked on all the elements with my team for another 2 months
      15. Did the final mock up for the art piece
      16. Installed the art piece in the actual space (7 days, 80+ hours of work with 3 installers including myself)

      This art piece is a very time consuming since it is all done by hand, it took about 5 months to finish, from start to end, from concept to final installation. We had 5 people in our team, 6+ helpers and 3 installers. The art piece took 1000+ hours and 80+ hours for installation.

      The process that I enjoyed the most was working on this piece and solving problems with my team. Art is an experience. We had so much fun for this project, so it was a great and memorable experience.

      Give me your email address and I can send you some images during the working process.


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