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Almost there

paper flower

If you are passionate about and idea, then you should go for it!

It has been a while since my last post. I have been really busy working on the paper project and now it is almost done. It was not an easy process while I am trying to finish up work for Archon systems and inFlow inventory at the same time.

Here is my work update for the past 3 months:

– Archon office decoration is finally done!!! YEAH!

– Our new company website ( was launch.

– my paper dress project- Right now I have one paper dress and 3 accessories ┬áso far. yes, and I am still working on some new pieces. I will not able to stop until the photoshoots start.

If the weather allows, I will have the photoshoot done by Mango Studio tomorrow. SO EXCITED!!!!


My paper project

New project started, inspired by my own wedding planning, the paper project…

3 more months to go.