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The paper wedding dress was finally done!!!!!!!

The tracing paper dress was finally done! Here are the few photos to show the process.

Louis and I took our pre-wedding photos with it in the forest. Stay tuned for our pre-wedding photos by Mango Studio.


Paper save-a-date-note


To invite guests to our destination wedding in Phuket, we have made paper save-a-date-note for all our guests.

Paper flower crowns or paper flower necklaces for ladies. Paper flower corsages for guys.

the making of...

the making of...

the making of...

the making of...

Pin on linen board

hand written pearl paper tag

Paper flower crown on linen board

packing Paper necklace...

Paper flower crown and paper flower necklace packaging

Final touch...

Paper corsage for guys

The beauty of tracing paper

It was a sunny summer afternoon, I was designing some user interfaces for Archon Systems in the studio.  The sun shined through the window and casted interesting shadows on my sketches that were drawn on tracing paper.

All the sudden, I rediscovered the beauty of tracing paper, material that designers/artists use every day. It is translucent, gelatinous and impermeable which allows artists/designers to trace, create, communicate and capture ideas, images and sketches, in order to create something beautiful, creative and useful.

With my crazy consumption of the material as a designer/artist, I thought to myself: Why not use it for an art project?

This is how the new project started……

Here are some images that I took on the other sunny afternoon.  I made a paper bouquet with this soft white translucent paper and  just couldn’t stop appreciate the beauty of the material. I was totally in love with the lighting that shined through it…..

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Paper Accessories – Ear Muff

The final product

The making of paper ear muff

Concept sketch for the dress

So here is the first concept sketch for the paper wedding dress. What do you think?

Almost there

paper flower

If you are passionate about and idea, then you should go for it!

It has been a while since my last post. I have been really busy working on the paper project and now it is almost done. It was not an easy process while I am trying to finish up work for Archon systems and inFlow inventory at the same time.

Here is my work update for the past 3 months:

– Archon office decoration is finally done!!! YEAH!

– Our new company website ( was launch.

– my paper dress project- Right now I have one paper dress and 3 accessories  so far. yes, and I am still working on some new pieces. I will not able to stop until the photoshoots start.

If the weather allows, I will have the photoshoot done by Mango Studio tomorrow. SO EXCITED!!!!

My paper project

New project started, inspired by my own wedding planning, the paper project…

3 more months to go.