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Wire Art Ceiling Installation @ the Bay – 6

A whimsical transition of botanic and butterflies, all hand made using a combination of industrial metal materials including wires, mesh sheets and plates. Ceiling-hung installation feature at The Bay’s St. Regis Room, flagship store in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Wire art ceiling installation (Butterflies) @ The Bay – 5

Wire art ceiling installation @ St Regis room, Hudson Bay at Queen St downtown, Toronto.

In this photo:

Butterflies are made with 18 ga. black annealed mechanical wire, attached with stainless steel metal mesh, sprayed in black.

Wire Art Ceiling Installation @ St. Regis Room, Hudson Bay, Queen Street downtown Toronto.


Attended the grand opening party of “The Room” at Hudson Bay yesterday night. The whole new look of the store is great! Not overdone, and yet, totally glamorous! It is exciting to see the new change of this old brand department store in Canada.